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What types of jobs are available at Kmart?

Kmart operates with several facets of sales and service. Each one has unique and diverse opportunities and possibilities for career enhancement and advancement.  Most Kmart stores will have both part time and full time positions; hourly and salary positions; and a diverse work environment.

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The primary Kmart facilities and basic job opportunities are:

Kmart Stores: Average retail store offering multiple departments and services. Traditional stores may or may not have a cafeteria or pharmacy within the store. Traditional stores offer job opportunities in the way of stockers, warehouse/receiving, cashiers, varying levels of management, retail clerks, inventory associates, human resources, and others. Retail clerks may be hired for any of the departments including various clothing departments, cosmetics, jewelry, grocery and household, lawn and garden, pets, sporting goods, toys, etc.

Big Kmart: A Big Kmart is like a traditional Kmart, only, well bigger! Larger stores offering a larger selection of goods and services, Big Kmart’s focus on the customers’ wants and needs, and help to ensure shopping success. Big Kmart’s feature three primary target markets which are: children’s clothing, home fashions and housewares, and consumables. Big Kmart’s also feature areas called the “Pantry” which features a greater supply of food and grocery items. Like traditional stores, job opportunities will be varied at Big Kmart stores including cashiers, warehouse/receiving, retail clerks, human resources, management staff, stockers, pharmacy, etc.

Kmart Super Center: More limited in number than traditional Kmart stores and Big Kmart stores, there are currently only fifty-five super centers in operation. Super centers offer the full selection of merchandise including housewares, clothing, lawn and garden, jewelry, etc. but with the added bonus of a full service grocery store, in house bakery, meat and seafood cases, deli, and specialty foods. Super centers are the most varied of the Kmart store concepts, and as such offer a great many job opportunities including warehouse/receiving, stocking, cashiers, retail clerks, pharmacy, management staff, and human resources, etc. plus the added bonus of grocery, deli, bakery, and meat and seafood attendants. Many of the super centers are also open 24 hours a day, providing even more job opportunities to fit your employment need.

Sears Tire Center: Currently there are twenty Sears Auto Centers operating within Kmart stores around the United States. These Auto Centers offer a different group of job opportunities for the handy man, mechanic, and trained auto professional. Job opportunities in this category may include sales and service technicians, mechanics, management staff, parts, and others as necessary.

Distribution Centers: There are a number of Kmart distribution centers around the United States which offer additional job opportunities with Kmart. Distribution center positions will generally consist of warehouse, receiving, stocking, and sorting positions; order filling and compliance, etc. Distribution centers are generally open longer hours than traditional stores, so there is greater flexibility in the positions in which you may apply.

Young people or those in college will benefit from the ability to be flexible in their scheduling. College interns and graduates will appreciate the opportunities for advancement in stores and beyond. There are a variety of opportunities for college students and graduates including internship programs, full-time undergraduate programs, MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) programs, and Pharmacy programs. The college programs include:

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Full-Time Undergraduate Programs: For soon to be or recent college graduates, there are Full-Time Undergraduate Programs which include the areas of business analyst, inventory analyst, merchandise planning analyst, and technology analyst.

Internship Undergraduate Programs: Short, 10 week programs designed to give you a better idea of what career options may be available to you. These programs are designed to incorporate the culture of Kmart into your learning experience, and will impact you with a wealth of knowledge and support. The internship programs help you prepare for field and corporate positions including auditor, merchandising, management fields, home services, technology, and more.

MBA Program Opportunities: These programs are designed for students graduating with an MBA to learn about the full time opportunities that may be available to them at various Kmart levels. MBA graduates may find that they are qualified for team leadership, human resources, and technology leadership internships and positions. These programs are designed to equip MBA graduates with the tools and knowledge that they need to excel in the Kmart Company.

Pharmacy: The Kmart pharmacy offers several job opportunities including internships for college students and graduates. Students in pharmacy school are encouraged to step into the world of retail pharmacies and learn all about Kmart’s dedication to caring for their customers and staff. Interns may qualify for special leave of absence waivers that will allow them to work during the summers and off times while attending pharmacy school. This is a great tool to get experience alongside of your education.

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